The competition commemorates the 250th anniversary of André-Marie-Ampère’s birth in 2025, with Anne L’Huillier, Nobel Prize in Physics 2023, and Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, as patrons.

Who can take part ?

International competition open to all pupils and students worldwide aged between 5 and 22 in the year 2025.

Young people aged 18-22 can register individually or as a group. Supervision is not required.

What’s the aim ?

The aim of the competition is to encourage reflection on the role of electricity in the past, present and future of our world. This can be done through questions, experimental demonstrations, projects, etc.

What productions are expected ?

The competition consists of a production that deals with electricity in all its aspects.

The production can take many different forms, from a simple drawing or poster to a play or electricity experiment. The historical or human aspect can be the thread running through the production.

Registrations are now open

Register ending and final deadline for submissions in …

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