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Patronage is a donation to the Société des Amis d’André-Marie Ampère, a non-profit association. It can be a financial donation, a donation in kind (technical or material resources, gifts for the competition) or a donation of skills (mobilising the know-how of your employees).

Musée Ampère - Vue aérienne

Preserve Ampère’s house

Maisons des illustres

The Ampère Museum is located in the childhood home of André-Marie Ampère. This 17th-century building, part-farmhouse and part-bourgeois house, has witnessed both the history of the French Revolution and the intellectual development of Ampère’s genius.

Ampère’s house is labeled as a “Maisons des Illustres” by the french Ministry of Culture.

Continue to develop the earliest science museum in France!

History is on our side! After the development of natural history museums created to preserve collections and display the wonders of nature, the technological advances of the early 20th century saw the emergence of a new way to communicate science through interactive experiences. Thus, in 1931, the first science and technology museum in France was born, the Ampère Museum, dedicated to the history of electricity which has been developed since its inception by the Société des Amis d’André-Marie Ampère (Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère).

The European Physical Society has awarded the Ampère Museum with the label of a European site for European physics.

Preserve extraordinary collections

For almost a hundred years, the Ampère Museum has been enriched by donations from collectors, industrialists and private individuals. The museum’s collections include the only original portrait of Ampère, the only experiment carried out by Albert Einstein, numerous original documents and letters written by Ampère, as well as an impressive collection of instruments, machines and objects illustrating the history of electricity. The Ampère Museum also houses the earliest interactive experiences in France.

The most important international professional association in the field of electricity and electronics, IEEE,
has awarded the Ampère Museum with the label of historic milestone in electricity.

An extraordinary human adventure

Since 1930, the volunteers of the Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère have been working to preserve Ampère’s house, develop the Ampère Museum, and protect and preserve its collections.

The Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère has been recognized as a public utility association since 1936.

A mission for the dissemination of knowledge among the youngest.

The Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère received the medal from the Academy of Lyon.

Un devoir de mémoire

In addition to preserving Ampère’s house and developing his museum, the Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère has the mission of preserving the memory of this universal scholar. André-Marie Ampère’s contribution to the development of electromagnetism not only earned him the title “The Newton of Electricity” by James Clark Maxwell but also made Ampère the only scientist for whom Albert Einstein turned away from his own theories to conduct experiments in order to verify Ampère’s theories !

The Société des Amis d’André-Marie Ampère (Society of Friends of André-Marie Ampère) is organising a series of events to commemorate the scientific contributions of the great Lyon-based and universal scientist.

Throughout its history, the Société des Amis d’André-Marie Ampère has received the support of some twenty Nobel Prize winners in physics and chemistry.

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